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Brown Wedding Invitations

Iris Murdoch once said: “Moralistic is not moral. And as for truth – well, it’s like brown - it’s not in the spectrum. Truth is so generic”. When we say brown immediately the image of chocolate or coffee comes in mind. But we associate the brown color also with organic nature and the earth, the autumnal season, the skin color, the sweet caramel, the soil and with the dark, or should I say brown, African continent. Brown gives a sense of stability and orderliness, approachability and reliability, providing a connection with the earth. The name of this color comes from the old English term “brun”, defining any dark or dusky shade of color. As with any another color, different cultures from all over the world give different meanings to brown. Amerindians believe that brown symbolizes the power of self-discipline. In India, brown is the color of mourning, associated with the dead autumnal leaves while in Japan, there is no specific word for brown so the Japanese give descriptive names such as “fallen-leaf” or “tea-color”.
Brown can be used as a contrasting color for the bright yellow or orange, but many color combinations are available, using brown as the predominant color. This color may seem a good pick for the wedding invitations. Brown is a down to earth color, without being too bright, flashy or sober. The brown can give a classic appearance to your wedding invitations, especially if you opt to have them hand-written. Thermography with its raised letter effect is also a good option for printing your wedding invitations. You can even use the traditional tissue if you really want to respect the custom.

If the simple brown wedding invitation seems a bit to plain or too simple for your taste, you can always find a wide variety of wedding invitations of different shapes, sizes, designs or printed patterns available on the market or for order, online, of course, having brown as the predominant color. As I’ve stated before brown can be used in different color combinations so from the wide variety I’ve mentioned about I’m sure you will find that one sample of wedding invitation which is to your liking. The wedding invitation should contain the necessary information about the wedding ceremony: the names of the future married couple, the name of the wedding hosts or/and the name of the bride and groom’s parents, the location of the wedding, the date and time; add a printed map of the wedding location only if you find it necessary for your guests, with directional signs included, some details such a mentioning the fact that you are planning a reception or an after-party and the location’s address, while the RSVP is important to all wedding hosts just to make the perfect arrangements for the wedding. Anything unexpected can ruin a wedding even in the last moments of the planning so you might consider of sending a ‘save the date’ wedding card when you known exactly the details of your own wedding and made the necessary arrangements for the upcoming event. I don’t know if I should make the suggestion to add an RSVP even on the ‘save the date’ card because it might be a bit inconvenient to ask your guests to give a response so soon. Also keep in mind that these cards don’t replace the formal wedding invitations, they act just as a reminder. Mail the wedding invitations with ten to minimum six weeks in advance or use the fast mail if you are under time pressure or forgot to send them on time.

To send the wedding invitations you could use the classical double envelope but you can also choose for a single one, depending on the invitation cards; make sure to match the colors of the envelopes with those of the wedding invitations. Even if the text is written by hand, engraved or printed, using inks of different colors or the simple black or white to create an interesting contrast with the color of the wedding card, it would be seen as a sign of respect towards your guests to hand write the addresses on the envelope. You can always type them but I suggest the first option. Brown could be seen as a classic and elegant color, but rather than sober, in different color combinations, it could create beautiful visual effects, so I highly recommend using brown as the main color for your wedding invitations.11

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